Natural Shoe Cleaning Kit

JAMIES Shoe Cleaning Kit is made from natural soaps and coconut oils. Each JAMIES kit includes the tools you need to easily and effectively clean your shoes – a soft hog hair brush to scrub away dirt, scuffs and marks, and a natural foaming cleaner that cleans and conditions your shoes. The brush and cleaner allow for a deep and thorough clean while being gentle enough to use on any material. Simply follow the five steps outlined on your JAMIES box to see noticeable results!



JAMIES Shoe Cleaning Kit is made from natural soaps and coconut oils. It will condition the material of your shoes while providing a thorough clean. 


Following the five simple steps on the box, the natural foaming cleaner and soft hog hair brush included in each JAMIES Shoe Cleaning Kit will get the job done!


Designed and tested by experts in the shoe industry, JAMIES Shoe Cleaning Kit is formulated to clean and condition various materials of shoes including suede, leather and mesh!


Hi! I’m Jamie. I am a professional shoe designer and avid sneaker collector, with a decade of experience in the footwear industry. One thing I’ve learned is that nothing beats the feeling of wearing fresh, clean shoes. That’s why I created JAMIES Shoe Cleaning Kit – to help you keep your shoes looking better for longer, so that you can put your best foot forward every day. 

James Bleakley
Lead Designer at Piloti